Placing our principles at the heart of our society.

It is wrong to impose an idea or opinion with violence

A few years ago, I read the statements above and it changed how I view the world. Like most people, I thought I lived by these standards, until I started understanding that our whole society is based on a system that imposes ideas through violence. Instead of having our principles at the heart of society, we have allowed the government, a central coercive and violent force, to impose laws, regulations and taxation on peaceful individuals, who might disagree. Supporting and justifying this system, is supporting violence on others. Without realising it, I was the one being violent. 

There is a clear disconnect between the ideas we hold at a private level and the ideas we advocate at a society level. This websites aims to convince as many people as possible to reject this disconnect, apply basic principles uniformly and help us move society to a more rational and peaceful future.

STICK TO your principles

For a principle to be a principle, it needs to be applied universally. We should hold our governments to the same standards we hold the rest of society. Let´s stop excusing evil, for the sake of practicality.

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Take Action

We are not a movement. All we want is for people to stop advocating the imposition of opinions and ideas through violence.